Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm – Khagra’s Ravagers (Inglés)



Solo en inglés.

Khagra the Usurper and her band of Slaves to Darkness see Direchasm as the site of the culmination of their personal path to glory; a final proving ground where they will earn the attention of the Dark Gods. They mean to turn the mountain to the service of Chaos by desecrating its every chamber through dark sorcery and brutal sacrifice. It was Khagra’s sister Zarshia who led the warband into Beastgrave, but they soon became trapped in a gnashing chamber. Khagra wedged her shield between the cavern floor and the encroaching ceiling before carving a way out of the rocky gullet, and since then, the brutal warriors Cragan and Razek have turned to Khagra for direction. Zarshia has not abandoned her own ambitions, however, and is poised to overturn her upstart sibling when the opportunity arises. Claim the living mountain in the name of the Dark Gods with Khagra’s Ravagers. They’re tough, strong, and wield sorcerous power, giving you multiple ways to desecrate Direchasm. Speaking of which, their new Desecration mechanic can prevent opposing warbands from claiming objectives. This set also includes a number of Universal cards that can be used by any warband in Warhammer Underworlds and you can even add Khagra’s Ravagers to your Slaves to Darkness force in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. This set contains: – 4x push fit Khagra’s Ravagers miniatures – no glue required to assemble – 4x fighter cards, representing each warrior in your games – Khagra the Usurper, Zarshia Bittersoul, Razek Godblessed, and Dour Cragan – A further 62 playable cards (only available in this set) to enhance your fighters and provide new tactics and challenges for your games of Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm, including: – 12x Khagra’s Ravagers Objective cards – 10x Khagra’s Ravagers Upgrade cards – 10x Khagra’s Ravagers Ploy cards – 10x Universal Objective cards, usable by any warband – 10x Universal Upgrade cards, usable by any warband – 8x Universal Gambit cards, usable by any warband – 2x Universal Gambit Spell cards, usable by any warband with a wizard – 1x Desecration Tokens rules card