Warcry: Sundered Fate


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Deep in the deadly Gnarlwood forest lies the Ravening Ruin – the shattered remains of a mighty Seraphon temple ship. Within the ship’s broken hull lie artefacts of immense power and treasures of incalculable wealth. The Chameleon Skinks of the Hunters of Huanchi are determined to defend these secret wonders from those who would claim them, skulking from the shadows to ambush any invaders – but the followers of the Jade Obelisk do not seek to claim the Seraphon’s secrets. Instead, these accursed iconoclasts wish to destroy the ancient relics, smashing them to rubble at the behest of their god, the Speaker in the Stone.

The first expansion for the new edition of Warcry has arrived, bringing with it two new warbands – the sinister Jade Obelisk and the stealthy Hunters of Huanchi – along with a host of carnivorous Gnarlwood terrain. In addition to these models, you’ll find a double-sided game board with matching artwork, a book with background information and the rules for both warbands and the included terrain pieces, and a set of battleplan and warband cards to keep your games running smoothly.

This boxed set contains:

– 64-page softcover Warband Tome: Stealth and Stone – with background, artwork, rules, quests, and campaigns for both of the two warbands in the box

– Jade Obelisk – 10 sinister stonecutters dedicated to casting down the idols of their enemies. These multipart plastic miniatures include 1x Nephrite Priestess, 1x Obelisk Bearer, 1x Idolarc, 3x Desecrators, and 4x Defacers with a variety of weapons

– Hunters of Huanchi – 13 Seraphon hunters who stalk the ruins of Talaxis. These multipart plastic miniatures include 1x Chameleon Skink Alpha, 1x Huanchi’s Claw, 1x Chameleon Skink Hornblower, 3x Terrawings, and 7x Chameleon Skinks with a variety of weapons

– Gnarlwood Scenery – 10 pieces of plastic terrain, fully compatible with existing Gnarlwood scenery kits, including 1x Hollow Refuge, 2x Gnarloaks, 2x Rope Bridges, and 5x Obstacles such as shattered ruins, palisades, bones, and broken posts

– A double-sided 22″ x 30″ folding gaming board, depicting two perilous jungle floors

– 30x battleplan cards, including 12x terrain cards, 6x deployment cards, 6x victory cards, and 6x twist cards

– 20x warband cards, including 2x ability cards, 3x divider cards, 7x fighter cards for the Hunters of Huanchi, and 7x fighter cards for the Jade Obelisk

Whether you’re jumping into Warcry for the first time or expanding on the collection you started with the Heart of Ghur box, Sundered Fate will have you playing skirmish battles between these two awesome warbands in a disturbing and deadly landscape. You will need a copy of the Warcry core rules to use the contents of this expansion box.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.