After seven years of brutal, internecine war, after the Emperor’s greatest son fell from grace and rose in rebellion, the Warmaster, Horus, reached Terra for a final reckoning with his father.

Long prepared for war, Terra raised its defences, marshalled by the Praetorian, Rogal Dorn. Armies of champions gathered, and every wall became a fortress, every street a gauntlet. But even the demigod Primarchs had not anticipated the host sent to sack the Throneworld. Cultists, legionaries, and daemons beyond count amassed and called out for carnage, their purpose nothing less than the destruction of the Imperial Palace and the death of the Emperor Himself. As brothers clashed in climactic conflict, the fate of humankind would be decided.

Thus began the Siege of Terra.

Commemorate the conclusion of this epic, galaxy-spanning saga with this metal and enamel bookmark featuring a quote from The Lost and the Damned – The Horus Heresy: Siege of Terra Book 2, by Guy Haley.

Please note that this is a limited edition item and is only available while stocks last.