Starforged: Sigmarite Shield Keyring


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Stormcast Eternals are champions all, chosen by Sigmar himself and Reforged into immortal warriors, ready to claim the Mortal Realms in the name of the Grand Alliance of Order. His warriors are clad in armour made of the purest sigmarite, a metal found only in Azyr, blessed with endurance, and beautiful to look upon. So too is this keyring forged in the form of the shields they proudly carry into battle, emblazoned with Ghal Maraz, the legendary hammer, and the twin lightning bolts that signify their holy rage.

This collectible keychain from our partner, Starforged, is finished in electroplated polished brass, with blue and white enamel inlays. It measures about 35mm tall and 19mm wide and includes a matching brass chain and jump ring. It makes a fantastic gift, display piece, and keepsake.