Starforged: Khornate Shield Keyring



The mortal worshippers of Khorne are a scourge upon the Mortal Realms, raiding and waging war with no higher goal than the purity of slaughter and wanton destruction. Those berserk warriors who haven’t given up entirely on armour often carry tall, spiked shields emblazoned with the stylised skull icon of their god, and now you too can carry one wherever you go. Attach it to your backpack, keys, or gaming bag to add a little context to your occassional incoherant bellows of rage.

This collectible keychain from our partner, Starforged, is finished in electroplated two-tone brushed and darkened brass, with a blood-red inlay. It measures about 34mm tall and 18mm wide, and includes a matching darkened brass chain and jump ring. It makes a fantastic gift, display piece, and keepsake.