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Skrorg Snowpelt

Skrorg Snowpelt


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Skrorg was once so wild and bloodthirsty that he needed to be sent to Rockbeard’s Rage Rehab to turn his life around. After his rehabilitation, Skrorg emerged back onto the pitch as a changed Yhetee – instead of butchering teammates, Skrorg now opts to follow tactics, a team player through and through.

This level-headed, well-groomed creature loves nothing more than playing to the adoration of the crowds. Unlike other Yhetees, Skrorg opts to take good care of his luxurious coat, ensuring it is carefully treated and combed to perfection. His special rule, Pump Up the Crowd, allows Skrorg to bask in the bloodthirsty cheers when he removes an enemy as a Casualty with a Block action – and gain a team re-roll into the bargain!

This finely-detailed resin miniature is supplied as 10 components and comes with a 40mm Blood Bowl Round Base. All the rules you need to use Skrorg Snowpelt are included in the pack, and can also be found in Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 14.

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel paints.