Skink Starseer



The Starseers – greatest among the skink spellcasters, attuned to their ancient masters like no other – are uniquely capable understanding a measure of the great plan that the slann follow, and the war they wage against the Dark Gods. Thus motivated, and unclouded by the memories of the aeons that can belabour the minds of the slann, the Starseers act as guides, finding pieces of the seraphon’s missing past and unveiling half-forgotten truths. They also display an adeptness at the shaping of celestite and star-stone, the materials from which many seraphon weapons are formed; using this ability, they can craft floating Palanquins of Constellations to carry them into battle.

This kit contains one seventeen piece Skink Starseer, a finecast resin miniature armed with an Astromancer’s Staff. Supplied with one Citadel 50mm Round Base and two small flying stems.