Red Squig Tree Decoration (Esfera Navideña)


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Da Red Gobbo has become synonymous with Christmas in many a Warhammer hobbyist’s homes – and he’s often seen riding his trusty squig, Bounca, to the fesitivities. This bauble pairs perfectly with Da Red Gobbo, but the iconic design stands (or bounces) on its own. Coloured a fierce red, and boasting a slavering maw filled with massive teeth, this ornament will frighten away all who might attempt to pilfer your presents. All of the squig’s warts and wrinkles are rendered in loving detail, along with the leaping legs and tail that make Bounca a big hit with children and your inner child alike.

This tin bauble is wrapped all around with artwork, ensuring your tree looks as jubilant as possible from all angles. It measures 68mm in diameter, and includes a ribbon with which to hang it.