Purity Seal Ultramarines Pin Badge



The Ultramarines are exemplars of the Space Marines, adhering to the letter and intent of their Primarch’s teachings. Purity seals are a common sight among these noble soldiers, acting as both a reminder of their duty, and a mark of honour.

Now you too can display your loyalty with a stunningly-rendered purity seal badge. The seal itself is rendered in durable metal, roughly 42mm in diameter, and painted a lustrous red to mimic the look of wax. The inverted omega symbol of the Ultramarines is stamped prominently in the centre, along with a skull. A real leather parchment strip measuring roughly 142mm long is printed with a litany of the Ultramarines, as well as symbols and icons suited to the protectors of Macragge.

A pair of clasps on the back of the seal attach the leather strip, and allow you to place this badge on any fabric surface, like your gaming bag, backpack, or clothing.