Legio Custodes Sagittarum Guard Upgrade Set



Though less common within the ranks of the Legio Custodes than their peers, those warriors who comprise the Sagittarum Guard Sodalities nevertheless fulfil a number of vital roles within the Legio’s order of battle. Their art of war, in contrast to the rest of the Custodian Guard, is focussed on the slaying of the foe primarily at distance and upon the devastating application of firepower on the battlefield.

Upgrade a set of 5 Legio Custodes to represent the Sagittarum Guard quickly and easily with this resin set of 5 Adrastus bolt calivers and heads, with five left and 5 right arms with which to attach the weapons to the models.

Rules for using this unit in Horus Heresy games can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Seven – Inferno.