Frank ‘n’ Stein



Frank ‘n’ Stein hasn’t always been the hulking brute of a Flesh Golem that has become a household name in Blood Bowl. In fact, he used to be two separate players – one who had a keen grasp of tactics and one who had impressive strength and stature. Once a Necromancer got hold of them, he stitched them together, making one player, far greater than the sum of its parts.

Add some brute strength to your undead teams with legendary blocker Frank ‘n’ Stein. He is a hulking player that has access to a wealth of skills that will change the outcome of many games in your favour. Any Old World Classic or Sylvanian Spotlight team can add him to their rosters.

This finely-detailed resin model is supplied in 7 pieces, and comes supplied with a 32mm Round Blood Bowl Base. You can find all the rules you need to use Frank ‘n’ Stein in Spike! Journal Issue 11.