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The Battlefield Basing Set is a perfect essential for anyone looking to further elevate their miniature projects.

A well-painted miniature is great, but a creative and detailed base takes it all to a higher level. Bases are just as important as the miniatures themselves and are one of the first things your opponent will notice on the table board.

With the miniature basing materials from this set you can highlight details and further underline the theme that your miniatures are set in to really make your painting job pop even more. With the Battlefield Basing Set you are provided with a range of basing materials, tuft, and glue to help you get started.

Designing a base for your miniature requires no skill and by just applying a few basing and tufts materials, you already bring a lot more story and detail to your miniature. The Battlefield Basing set is an essential and must-have for all miniature painters of all levels, and it includes The Army Painter Painting Guide, to guide you along your way.


Free 50ml Battlefields Basing Glue

Brown Battleground

Battlefield Rocks

Swamp Tuft (35 Pieces)

Summer Undergrowth

Battlefield Field Grass

Battlefield Snow